Travel with Lourdes



"This is my third trip traveling with Lourdes. And now we will explore the many beauties of the wonderful land of Italy. Being italian myself I take great pride in this trip. I hope that you will join me in this great journey to follow the steps of Jerome Emiliani, the patron of my order (the somascan fathers)."

-Fr. Julian Gerosa

"Since the first trip I knew that I had to come back and share this passion with others. So I now share with others my experience. I tell them what I enjoyed, like climbing the Mountain of Temptations where I had a breaking point. So now i encourage you to join us this year and confirm for yourself this true tangible amazing place and experience. This photo here is with a professional camel model. He poses better than me I can say. We are at the Garden of Marian Martha the site of Lazarus' house."

-Lourdes Badillo after Israel

"I was very greatful that God allowed me to step in His land before I die. Even though there was alot of walking it was a fabulous trip that i took with the endurance that i have left to go on this journey at age 81. Therefore I encourage you to go while you can."

-Marcelita Montes

 "This trip was definately not what i expected it to be, something fascinating. As a catholic my biggest moment was when we celebrated mass at the Holy Sepulchre. Here I am in Tel Aviv. Once being in this ocean i had touched 3 oceans of the world. This being the third, The Meditterainean sea."

-Katy Grey 

"This is my second Paradise. It is where i can escape the daily routine of Houston and visit extraordinary places around the world. I encourage you to vist my home and make it your home as well."

- Fr. Alberto Zanata 

"As your coordinator I can say it is a beautiful place to visit, but as a catholic point of view I can tell you that it is like visiting my home. I get this overwhelming feeling like we catholics have a lot of houses around the world but this is where my heart lives. In this picture I am in the colessium where thousands of Christians gave their lives, and you can still hear the cries. It is a very profound feeling and I invite you to join me."

-Lourdes Badillo after Rome